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Kupe and Kuramārōtini This is a poupou (carving) standing at Waipapa marae. *


We are the Te Mana o Kupe Trust – based in Porirua, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our goal is to help promote and support digital discovery in teaching and learning for our young people, our rangatahi.

The Trust is named for the great explorer Kupe, who is credited as first to discover Aotearoa New Zealand and settle here with his people. It is said that Kupe’s wife Kuramārōtini, chose Aotearoa as the name for their new home – the land of the long white cloud.

Te Mana o Kupe was established as a charitable trust in March 2014, in response to a 2013 summit, where a group of local educators (also known as an ICT cluster) decided to collaborate on a series of actions to bridge the widening gap between new entrants in low-decile schools, and other new entrants.

The Issue

A child starting school in a decile 1 Porirua school might typically speak more than one language. So they are great little communicators. On the other hand, their reading and writing skills in many instances, are less developed than new entrants at higher decile schools.

Research is showing us that when our rangatahi start school with little or no reading experience, access to digital technology can make a difference to their learning success. It can narrow the gap between new entrants starting school with awareness of each letter of the alphabet, for example, and those who don’t. But, only if it is accompanied by a well-supported home and school teaching and learning curriculum.

* - It depicts the navigator Kupe holding his paddle. Kupe’s wife is entwined among the tentacles of a giant octopus, which they escape by discovering Aotearoa New Zealand. Image via Te ara – the Encyclopedia of NZ (

What we do

Te Mana o Kupe seeks to provide level access to portable digital devices like Chromebooks, to enhance children’s educational success, by making them affordable. Alongside this, we support teachers and whānau to work as partners in encouraging our children in their learning and to thrive at school.

Take a look at the Our schools page to see who is in our digital discovery cluster. In September (2015), we welcomed Brandon Intermediate to the programme. Brandon have an IT suite and a number of laptops in each class. While their students get fantastic digital learning experiences at school, many children have not typically had access to a computer at home. Research tells us that children can make real leaps in their progress through home learning (Underwood, 2009; Wright 2010 in With the option to own their own Chromebook, teaching and learning can move seamlessly from school to home, aiding our kids in developing their skills in self-management, capturing their interest and equipping them as digital discoverers. At home, our kids self-select what they’ll focus on. By getting them excited about their learning, we give our children the best opportunity to accelerate their success.

Te Mana o Kupe hands on with the ChromebookA core aim of our programme is to capture imaginations and interest in learning through the power on the online world and through the incredible range of teaching and learning tools it makes available. When we go digital both at home and at school, we can more easily involve parents and care givers in fostering the learning process. We can create a more even playing-field for learning.

Education can and should be inclusive. The aim of our programme is to help ensure that access to the best education is there for all, and that regardless of where you start – as a new entrant at primary school – or as a year 9 at secondary school – there should be no barrier to reaching your best potential.

Powerful learning occurs when teachers see learning through their students’ eyes, and when students see themselves as their own teachers.

– John Hattie

If you’d like to know more, feel free to use the comments section on this website. If you’re interested in the facts and figures about the success of digital teaching and learning programmes like ours, please check out this presentation: Rangatahi Digital Discoverers

Te Mana o Kupe – Digital Discovery – A presentation to Brandon Intermediate September 2015 (1600 MB)

Ka kite anō,


General Manager, Te Mana o Kupe (13 Sept 2015)