A school report

In March 2014, four schools in Porirua East were the first to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Te Mana o Kupe Trust with the following aim:

To provide students and their families with equitable access to the digital environment, engage students and their parents/whānau in rich and meaningful learning conversations and tasks, and challenge teacher practice to providing future-focused education for all students and to accelerate their progress.

There are now nine school in the programme. This group is part of a wider group of eleven schools which form the Porirua East Group (PEG) and which work collaboratively to share data, improve teacher and leadership capability and improve whānau engagement in the learning process. Our mission, Voice, Agency and Identity underpins the pedagogy that we believe will lead to academic and social success for our students.

The opportunity for whānau to have equitable access to digital technology through the Te Mana o Kupe lease-to-buy scheme has contributed to each school’s capacity to drive the necessary changes to providing a future-focused curriculum that reflects the needs of a changing world.

For students who have been in the scheme since 2014, digital devices are now the preferred and usual tools for learning. The ease with which they can think, create, collaborate, refine, redesign and share is evident. Their ability to self-manage in the learning process has grown quickly. We are collecting evidence from whānau of the degree to which they are better informed of the type of work their children are completing. At Corinna for example, our students maintain a record of their learning and provide evidence of it through their learning blogs. These are shared with family and sometimes the world. Check these out on – http://ngatiaroha.blogspot.co.nz. The mid-year reporting to whānau involves the students taking their parents through their learning blogs and making the links to examples of their work. The teacher is on hand to answer questions about how well each child is achieving on the literacy and maths progressions.